The Vision behind Ahvision: I didn’t always grow up wanting to own a business. Coming from where I’m from, we’re programmed from birth to either strive to become an athlete or a rapper; so that is what I wanted to be. I loved basketball, track & field, and music. But as I grew older I began on a journey to discover exactly what my true passion was. Was it basketball, track & field, boxing, acting, film producing, graphic design, writing, screen writing, modeling, real estate, network marketing, becoming a teacher, rapper, sound engineer, etc. Whatever you could think of, I tried it. Then finally in 2014 I realized that the thing I loved the most and had a passion for were words! I enjoy writing and inspiring others through my words and writings.  Around 2017 though, I fell on hard times and shut the business down. What once was TILLIMONE was slowly disappearing. Personal issues began to effect my business so I decided to step away. But now, I am back. New name, AHVISION, It's all about having a vision and believing in what it is you can accomplish.