Write This Down

Who Are You Competing With?

I don’t believe in always trying to be better than others. #WriteThisDown: I focus on being better than my current self and then I repeat. Competition is great; comparing your skill set to others is great; getting those competitive juices flowing can catapult a person to a level that he or she may not have ever been on had they not measured their ability next to someone else's. But it can also backfire. It can also discourage, stress and distract a person. It can have your mind so out of sync that your focus is everywhere else outside of you....

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The Secret to Success?

Do you want to know the secret to success? The only "secret to success" is the realization that there are no secrets to success. We all know what it takes to become successful. The "secrets" are the cliche responses we would typically get from most entrepreneurs when asked, “how did you become successful?” The answers would usually be; hard work, dedication, I never gave up, love, consistency, passion, learning from my mistakes, learning from the mistakes of others, etc. So as It turns out, those are no secrets at all. I've been hearing that for the past 30 years now....

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